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We are building a better, more democratic media one new radio station at a time.

Over the last decade, we helped hundreds of community groups apply for and build new community radio stations. These new stations, called Low Power FM stations, are diversifying media in rural towns and big cities thanks to the Local Community Radio Act. These new non-commercial stations feature diverse voices and views: broadcasting independent local news, local music and arts, and compelling programming that is absent from the profit-driven airplay of corporate media. Now, with your help, we are continuing to support grassroots community media!

Why Radio?

Radio is easy to produce and free to use. Community radio stations are places where people meet face-to-face, where local communities come together to make media about local issues that matter to them. As free communication on the Internet suffers from widening corporate control, community radio remains a bastion of free speech and community power. And as we confront increasing global emergencies like pandemics and global warming, broadcast radio is a resilient medium providing essential information and local community resources.

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