PayPal Reporting and Nan Rubin Community Impact Fund

The Nan Rubin Community Impact Fund and Award have been established to provide scholarships for technical assistance to groups working to build LPFM stations.

From October 17 - November 15 2013, thousands of community groups nationwide submited applications for Low Power FM community radio station licenses.  Prometheus worked with more than 1,000 of these groups thus far and we are preparing to support many of them in their station building efforts as well.  Your gift to the Nan Rubin Community Impact Fund will ensure that we are able to help stations fulfill the dream of the Local Community Radio Act.

As these groups are granted construction permits beginning in 2014, Prometheus will provide a variety of trainings, technical assistance and on the ground support. We want to ensure that groups we work with are able to launch vibrant, viable and sustainable stations that transform their communities with the power of radio! With your help, we can do more!    

Thank you for your support!

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